Learn how to intercept and manipulate the data with intruder and repeater.

Promo Cover for Burp Suite intercept — by pikisuperstar

This tutorial will show you the basic usage of Burp Suite. The primary focus will be on intercepting data, and the use of intruder and repeater. I will use hacker101.com CTF for a live demo on how Burp Suite fundamental tools can be used.

If you find the CTF interesting, I recommend you to head over to the page and attempt it out for yourself. As a result, this article will include spoilers for some of the challenges. But it will also provide you a superior idea on how to use Burp Suite for further explorations.


Let’s start with the…

Capture the flag with the Norwegian health and care sector’s for information security — Easter Edition

Cover photo easter ctf design by starline and freepik
Cover photo easter ctf design by starline and freepik

This was a pretty big competition. They had 6 different categories with a total of 38 different tasks. Easter is short enough as it is, so I prioritized the tasks that were fun and unfamiliar to me.

The competition was created by helseCERT, a Norwegian company that works to prevent cyber attacks in the public health sector.

All in all, there was something for everyone, as well as a wealth of opportunities to learn new things. The write-up is organized in the categories that were in competition with the tasks under them.


Different challenges that did not fit into the…

Capture the flag with the Norwegian Police Security Service — Easter edition

Cover Image PHST Write-UP — by artistdesign13, PST and starline
Cover Image PHST Write-UP — by artistdesign13, PST and starline

Like most of the competitions, PST (Politiets Sikkerhets Tjeneste) publishes, there is an entertaining story behind it. This time a group has gone to the fictional mountain harefjell (hare mountain), to relax at Easter. Unfortunately, not everything is as nice as it seems, behind the nice facade lurk scary plans.

How to easy calculate and understand dB and dBm

Decibel cover made by — tartila, user3824803 and nsit0108
Decibel cover made by — tartila, user3824803 and nsit0108

Decibels are something most people associate with sounds and loudness in the sense of sound pollution. But it has a lot more to offer than barely indicating a number, that informs you if the noise coming from the new washing machine is okay. Or if the new car you purchased will drive your neighbor crazy with loud noises 5 in the morning when you hit the gas pedal going off to work!

This article is produced for people, that need an effortless way to understand dB and dBm. But also, for all the other people that have some spare time…

how to tell the truth with fiction

Wondering — by dooder
Fact vs. fiction — by dooder, vladwel, dooder

Imagine standing in the middle of a battlefield. Your most beloved friend is on your right, laying on the ground screaming in pain. Sounds of bullets sob past your ear, and the commander remains right behind you, yelling orders, is this something you can imagine? Not many people can. Some situations must be experienced to recognize the feeling you acquire when you are in the action. You can read all you would desire, but not genuinely appreciate the importance of good leadership and what that is in various situations.

You see and hear about commanders in the media, ordering soldiers…

how to deal with difficult situations and bounce back.

Illustration of hardiness — by dooder and pikisuperstar
Illustration of hardiness — by dooder and pikisuperstar

What does it mean to have “psychological hardiness” and how is hardiness relevant to good leadership in the workplace? We will obtain a closer look at what hardiness is, what effect “psychological hardiness” can provide, a brisk dive into how to produce this in the workplace. All to end it with the effect it has and gives for both you as a manager and employees. The article is probably a bit colored by the military view I have. This is primarily because it is from here, that my most tremendous experiences with hardiness have been provided.

What is hardiness?

“Hardiness represents the conceptual…

a way to create energetic employees.

You have the freedom to think, and make own decision — by thanakorn-kotpootorn and freepik
You have the freedom to think, and make own decision — by thanakorn-kotpootorn and freepik

In the army is there a concept called maneuver thinking, it is used when planning and commanding an operation. Two core elements in this are viewed as the key to success: concepts of pace and initiative. Norwegian forces leadership philosophy “mission-based leadership” is based on this giving both.

I, therefore, want to explain what “mission-based leadership” is, and how this will be capable to create the initiative. Not only why this is necessary for armed operations, but also how this can also be used in civilian workplaces.

Although the article may be colored as part of my military experience, much…

Learn how it can develop you as a leader

Illustration of powe and trust — by dooder and freepik
Illustration of powe and trust — by dooder and freepik

Some people naturally gain followers. Do you remember when you attended high school and looking at fashionable people? Wondering and thinking about, hum? How do they influence so many people around them? Later in life, you experience people with greater power, people leading nations, commanding an army, or just your regular boss at work.

What seems to be the reason that people choose to follow you or other people? Even in desperate situations? I think much of this has to do with power and trust. Confused? Me too at the start but keep with me. I will try to explain…

And how we can utilize it in our own leadership development!

Goal theory and leadership! — by pikisuperstar and bnmk0819

Leadership possesses many meanings depending on the source who communicates it and the recipient at the other end who must generate a meaning behind the word. Stogdill pointed out in a review of management research, that there are virtually as many different definitions of leadership as people who have tried to define it (Stogdill, 1974, p. 7). The same can be believed about words like democracy, love, and peace. Although everyone recognizes what it initially indicates, it can possess various meanings for each individual! (Northouse, 2016, p. …

Christmas Challenge Calendar 2020 CTF made by PST.

Writeup illustration, screen print from npst.no — by Author and freepik

This is a write up for the Christmas Challenge 2020 CTF by NPST. The following article will accompany you through every day. All the files used can be downloaded here, so you can attempt it for yourself.

In 2019 PST (Politiets sikkerhets tjeneste) known as Norwegian Security Police decides to give out some ads informing people that they are seeking help this Christmas. NPST acronym for Nordpolar Sikkerhetstjeneste (North pole Security Service) need help from some good elf detectives. Christmas is in danger, and only we can save christmas. At the minimum that is the plot of the game. …

Marcus Knoph

IT Consultant with extensive experience in computer security / programming, and leadership / management development of personnell.

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